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by TRIPLE H PRODUCE LLC 17 July, 2018

With the aim of improving innovation and application of new technologies, created by companies from Sinaloa, the Agroindustrial Forum Sinaloa 2018 was held.

With the aim of improving innovation and the application of new technologies, especially those created in the companies of Sinaloa, on June 18 the Agroindustrial Forum Sinaloa 2018 "Innovation and Applied Technology" was held, organized by the Association Mexican Women Heads of Companies (AMMJE), Culiacán chapter and the Association of Farmers of the Culiacán River (AARC). 

The panelists included Mr. Heriberto T. Vlaminck Seidel, Chairman of the Triple H Group; Altagracia González, President of Agrícola El Cerro; Joel Valenzuela, Managing Director of Grupo JOVA; Enrique Rodarte, General Director of Promotora Agroindustrial and Commercial Tamazula and Jesús Valdez, former mayor of Culiacán.

After three rounds of questions on innovation and applied technology in the field, the export of vegetables, research and the introduction of natural gas in the city of Culiacán, the participants came to the conclusion that in Sinaloa there is a need to take advantage of the progress to become a State with greater productivity and profitability.

 Panelists agreed that the sum of efforts is required to boost agricultural activity and the way in which this can be achieved is by supporting research and creating a culture in which young people are involved.

 "In the State, we have a lot of capacity for development, but we still lack. In the production area, more research is needed in seed development. It has very good packing plants that manufacture machinery but only develop the mechanical part, missing the electronic part, which for now is 100% imported. Here is a very large area of opportunity for our young people to develop it. "

 "Another need that exists here in Sinaloa, is that it is necessary to generate added value to our raw material. We need to develop products, take advantage of the development of this technology. It is very important to understand that there are more countries to send our production to, not just think of the United States, "said Vlaminck Seidel.