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by TRIPLE H PRODUCE LLC 2 April, 2020

What we are doing to help prevent the spread while keeping the food chain moving.

 Dear Valued Customer:

During these challenging times, one of the best things we can do for our business is to keep connected with our customers as we face the evolving landscape.

We want to take the time to thank you for your continued efforts to keep the food supply moving. Our priority at Triple H Produce is to assist you in every way to achieve the goal of keeping fresh produce moving to millions of consumers across America.

We have been fortunate to receive incredible support from our growers, partners and workers who remain committed to maintaining strict safety standards at farms, packing facilities and warehouses making it possible for our valued customers to deliver an uninterrupted supply of fresh fruits and vegetables – safe, ready and available from farms to stores.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Triple H have taken numerous steps to help navigate this challenging global situation, supporting our employees, and ensuring business continuity:

  • Since the emergence of the COVID-19, Triple H has activated its Crisis Management protocol and response teams so that it can continuously stay on top of the situation and communicate the latest developments, proactively monitoring and adjusting business processes and procedures as necessary to ensure business continuity.
  • Both Triple H Produce facilities remain open in Pharr, TX and San Diego, CA; as well as SmartCold warehouse in Pharr, TX.
  • To increase social distancing, steps have been taken to reduce the number of employees in the Corporate Offices locations in Sinaloa, Mexico, while ensuring business continuity.
  • In addition to strict good manufacturing practices, we have increased our cleaning cycles in our facilities, protecting against pathogen cross-contamination and worker-to-worker spread. These include monitored handwashing practices and sanitization requirements. Any employees showing signs of illness are immediately segregated from the workforce and sent home.
  • Our highly technological-supported business model has enabled us to quickly adjust with no disruptions with respect to our ability to service our customers and growers.

We are proud of the role we are playing together to keep the world fed and -as this crisis evolves-  be sure the members of the Triple H Produce family will continue to remain committed to meet this goal while assuring everyone does what they must to stay healthy and safe.

Together, we will emerge from this crisis.

Please stay tuned for our additional updates about specific solutions and information.