Our Company

We are an American grower-shipper with strong Mexican roots. Specialized in tomatoes, bell and chilli peppers, we also market cucumbers, squash, limes, mangoes and other items across Mexico.

Through our distribution centers in McAllen TX and San Diego CA; we serve customers across the U.S. All our products are available on a year round basis.

Quality, flavor and freshness for the most demanding clients in the World

Triple H is an American fresh vegetables grower-shipper that delivers quality, flavor and freshness all year round with the most efficient harvesting, packaging commercial and distribution system.

With 30 years of experience this family-owned company markets fresh products grown by an extensive network of Associated Producers in Mexico.

"At Triple H we provide for the most demanding clients in the world with high quality and year round availability"

Only the Best Products From the Best Producers

Triple H selects its Associated Farmers following the strictest criteria, always looking for producers with a strong passion for their land, solid reputation in their communities, integrity and the capacity to deliver safe and healthy products.

"More than a Commercial Enterprise, Triple H exists as a means of growth and development for the farmers."

In order to ensure high quality and reliability standards, Triple H provides a wide array of support services to its Associated Farmers:

Assistance in seed selection, resource planning, process management, food safety, product selection, packaging and shipping.

Funding: Access to the purchase pool and direct loans for the supply of seeds, fertilizers, insect control, products and packaging materials.

Advance Payment (pick & pack) to the producer, event before the client has paid.

Technology: A platform to standardized processes and systems among Associated Farmers.